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Upscale Tax Professionals offers a variety of services gearing clients towards a life of financial freedom. Tax season can be a bit overwhelming. Every member of our team understands the complexity of taxes and will ensure our clients receive an optimal return. ​


The Upscale Team was originally designed to educate clients of their rights as tax payers. We were also focused on getting our clients as much of their yearly paid taxes returned to them on their tax refund. After our first year we understood that our competitors didn't take time to get taxpayers money refunded to them on their tax returns. Many of our clients came in feeling overwhelmed and helpless. ​


Our staff members realized financial organization and finances were the foundations of stability. Our tax professionals, accountants, financial consultants, bookkeepers, real estate, life insurance, wealth strategist and notary agents understand the importance of being financially organized and ready for any life event.


As a result the Upscale Tax Professionals Team decided to expand our services from focusing on taxes to assisting clients towards a life of financial organization. To accomplish this task, our team added a financial consulting division that assists our clients on their road to financial freedom.


Our mission is now centered on broadening our clients understanding that financial freedom is attainable. The Upscale team originated in California's East Bay and has now expanded to the East Coast. Our financial team focuses on the needs of clients throughout the country. We look forward to maximizing your financial potential, through organization and education.

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