Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an initial consultation, call Dr. Bee at 719.650.0399. Please note there are intake forms to be completed prior to the first session and medical records may be requested. Ideally, Dr. Bee will review the records prior to the first meeting to allow more time to focus on the patient's priorities and goals. Follow up sessions may be scheduled online only after the initial consultation.

How do I schedule a customized group session?

To schedule a customized group session, call Dr. Bee at 719.650.0399. Discussion and activity for the session will be tailored to the group's specific interests. Examples include Maintaining Cognitive Health with Aging, Preventing Osteoporosis, The Mediterranean Diet, Cooking Healthy for Finicky Eaters. Sessions likely would include a short informational and interactive presentation as well as hands-on activities. Location to be determined.

Will Dr. Bee serve as my primary care physician?

No. Dr. Bee will be a consultant to assess the patient's medical problems and advise on ways that behavior plays a role in those issues. She will collaborate with the patient to develop goals and strategies for change in order to improve overall health, prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases. Dr. Bee will not be seeing patients for urgent issues, doing comprehensive physical exams or managing medications. Patients need to maintain a primary care physician for these services. Dr. Bee will be following health metrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1C, and may order labs from an outside facility when indicated.

What is Culinary Medicine?

Culinary Medicine blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine. The goal is to help people learn to make better choices while enjoying delicious and nutritious meals.

What does a Culinary Medicine session include?

Your session will be completely tailored to your needs. For example, it could be a guided trip to the grocery store to pick out foods you might be interested in trying, strategizing meals to fit your health needs and satisfy your cravings, or learning more about a plant forward diet. Dr. Bee will design the session to fit your need. Culinary medicine sessions can be individual or group.

Does Dr. Bee accept my health insurance?

Dr. Bee does not contract with any insurance companies and does not provide paperwork for reimbursement.